It was Saturday and George decided to be nice to his girlfriend. On Friday he meant well, but he talked too much and gave her lots of advice and suggestions on how to make life better which came across like a sermon from a high priest. He could tell by his girlfriend’s browbeaten face that he overshot the mark. 


At breakfast he did not criticize her for getting up from the table for the 10th time to get something she either forgot or remembered or thought that needed to be on the table. George was just happy to bein her presence. 

It didn’t bother George that his girlfriend ate her scrambled eggs cold because she got engrossed in the newspaper article she was reading! “If she wants to eat her food hot or cold that’s her decision,”  George exclaimed. 

After breakfast they went to Neustadt. George’s girlfriend went to a vintage clothing store and George went exploring; he found a café just opened by young couple that wanted to recreate the 60’s hippie atmosphere; next he discovered a Spanish/ Portuguese grocery store and right beside it a gun shop that  specialized in locks and security devices. It looks like the owner has  an American outlook. First build an alarm system, and if that doesn’t work pull out your gun and shoot the intruder dead. 

It was lunchtime and George was getting hungry and he came upon a Middle Easterncafé called Falafel Freunde. After his girlfriend shopped till she almost dropped she joined him for lunch there; they both had the Arabian plate number #1 Arabischer Teller. George’s plate was with chicken and hers was with falafel. The cooks and the staff were inviting, calm and gentle. The Arabic music in the background reminded George’s girlfriend of a café they had visited in CasaBlanca. 

George and his girlfriend enjoyed the food and each other immensely. 

As a final thought, George was inspired to write a story at Falafel Freunde because of the kind and mellow atmosphere there. That says a lot for the people working there. On top of that the café had the cleanest restrooms he’d ever seen in a café. Wow!